Flood damage to cycle paths

There has been some major damage to Bowes and Tanfield cycle paths following the flooding and heavy rain last week.

Sections of the track between Heworth Golf Course and Birtley are in a very dangerous state with large pot holes up to 4 feet deep. The tunnel under the A1 is completed destroyed and is a very dangerous area to be in and around at the moment. There is a 3-5 foot pit running the full length and width of the tunnel with debris blocking the north end of the tunnel. We’ve not had a chance to check out the Tanfield end of the track but can only assume similar damage has occurred. Take care when riding these areas, and it’s advisable to reccy any off road routes you might normally do in flood effected areas before hammering around them.

I’ve contacted Gateshead Council to make them aware of the damage and I am currently awaiting a reply. Hopefully they’ll get this route fixed up again in the next few months!

The following photos are from the cycle route between Heworth Golf Course and the A1 tunnel. The route is shown below the photos.