2. Entering A Race

The league runs from early September to late February each year, with races taking place across the North East and Cumbria.

You can get a good look at all the rounds over on the events page. If you are planning on racing please take some time to read the conduct page and all of the information set out on this page.

What category am I?

Please Note: The cyclo-cross season is defined as being from 1st September to 31st August. A rider’s year of birth is from the 1st January to 31st December in the specified year. For the 2017-2018 season the following age categories will apply (effective from 31st August 2017):

  • Under 8 born 2011 or later
  • Under 10 born 2009 or 2010
  • Under 12 born 2007 or 2008
  • Under 14 born 2005 or 2006
  • Under 16 born 2003 or 2004
  • Junior born 2001 or 2002
  • Senior born 2000 or earlier
  • Under 23 born 1997 to 2000
  • Veteran 40-49 born 1969 to 1978
  • Vet 50-59 born 1959 to 1968
  • Vet 60+ born 1958 or earlier

Races for Women are open to Junior, U23, Senior & Veteran Women.

If I’m 40 or over can I choose to ride in the senior race?

Yes. However, if you do choose to race the senior category at any point you will no longer score points in the Vets league and you will sacrifice any points accumulated in the Vets league and begin to accumulate points in the senior league.

Riders can only score points in one league. Veterans who ride a senior race can only score points in the senior league.

What time of day are the races?

Unless stated otherwise on the event details, race times are:

  • Course available for warm up 9:30 to 10:25
  • 10:30 – (40 minutes) – Veteran 50+ & Women (including female Juniors)
  • 11:25 – (30 minutes) – Youth
  • 12:10 – (10 minutes) – U12 race 1
  • 12:30 – (15 minutes) – U12 race 2
  • Course available for afternoon race warm ups 12:45 to 13:10
  • 13:15 – (60 minutes) – Senior
  • 14:30 – (40 minutes) – Veteran 40-50 & Juniors

It is strongly advised that you check the specific event timings when you enter the race through the British Cycling website.

Why are women not in their own race?

The number of women racing has grown hugely over the last two seasons. Initially there was only a handful of ladies riding regularly so they were included in the Vets and Juniors race. Now the ladies field is almost big enough to warrant a separate race. The main obstacle to that is simply time (and the lack of daylight). The organisers are considering a change to the race line-up for next season and this will be decided at the AGM.

As of 24/09/2015 the committee decided to change the race schedule to move Women and Veteran 50+ to their own race. This is due to the significantly larger numbers racing than previous seasons.

Do I need a licence?

Under 12 riders do not need a licence or any form of membership.

For everyone else, yes. You’ll need either a day licence or a British Cycling’s Bronze Membership.

Day licences cost £3 per day, this covers British Cycling’s event insurance. Alternatively, you can apply for British Cycling’s Bronze Membership through their website. The membership provides you with cover at each CXNE race, as well as a vast number of other benefits detailed on the British Cycling website. You do not need a full race licence, which is only available with Silver or Gold British Cycling membership, unless you wish to accrue points which allow national ranking and gridding at national events.

How do I enter races?

There are two ways to enter;

  1. On-line (pre-entry), or
  2. On the day

Online entry closes at 23:55 on the Wednesday before the event.

Pre-entering an event guarantees you’ll be gridded. See “what is gridding and how does it work”, below, for more information on gridding.

What about a club or team?

Most riders will ride for a club or a team. Those who don’t are classed as “unattached” riders. Clubs & teams must be registered with British Cycling. If you’re keen to find a club, check out the Go-Ride section of the British Cycling website.

What happens if I can’t race and I’ve already entered?

Refunds or credit for future rounds are available up to pre-entry closing date.

So now you’ve entered, you’ll need to check out the next section of our “Get Started” guide to cyclo-cross, On the Day.


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